Depending in the people that goes to the house (>10, 10/14/16) the price variates. The price for 12 people is shown below.


Weekend in low season (Jan.-Feb.) 650 €
Weekend médium season (3 days, 2 nights) 750 €
Weekend high season (Jun.-Sept., with swimmingpool aviable) 950 €
Bank holidays of 4 days, 3 nights 1.090 €
Bank holidays of 5 days 4 nights 1.450 €
Complete week in low season (6 nights) 1.400 €
Easter 5 days 1.490 €
Chrismas 5 days 1.500 €
One week in summer (23/06 to 31/08) 1.600 €
15 days in summer 3.000 €
First or second week of september 1.400 €


The house can hold 10-14 people, even 16 if there are kids around. And you can rent the whole house. You are not alaugh to make parties with people that aren’t staying in the house. (That doesn’t mean that someone can’t go for a meal)

To make the reserve you have to transfer 350 € in concept of deposit. When you arrive to the house is when you pay the total amount of money needed to stay in the house. The deposit is given back three days after you leave the house, when we check the there isn’t any damage because of bad use.

The minimum amount of time you could spend in the house is of 2 nights, in summer 1 week (ask for other options).

The weekend you can arrive Friday the erliest at 3 pm and leave Sunday at 8 pm the latest.